types of providers

Finding the right provider is essential in oral healthcare. After all, many patients see their dentist more often than they visit their primary care doctor. At WVU Dental, with three different types of providers, you have a perfect opportunity to discover the dentist who best meets your needs.

Faculty Providers

When you see a faculty provider, you receive treatment from a doctor who has completed dental school and, in some cases, specialty training. Your faculty provider is a licensed dentist who treats patients in addition to teaching students at the WVU School of Dentistry. You can expect an experience that is comparable to a private practice with similar appointment lengths and fees. 

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Resident Providers

A resident provider has already completed four years of dental school. They are dentists receiving advanced or specialty training. Residents provide care under the direction of faculty and department chairs. We have residents specializing in five areas of dentistry. Residents are part of two-year and three-year programs. A resident dentist's fees are generally lower than those charged by established specialists.

Locations of Practice

Student Providers

Student providers are studying to become dentists. They have an undergraduate degree and are upperclassmen in dental school. They have already completed approximately half of the professional dentistry program when they begin clinical care. Throughout all phases of treatment, student providers work under the direct guidance and supervision of faculty dentists. In appreciation of you choosing our student clinic and committing extra time for your care, procedures are offered at a significant discount. Patients should expect visits take significantly more time than a visit to a faculty or resident provider. 

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