Procedures Offered

  • Virtual exams addressing broken or sensitive teeth
  • Virtual exams addressing oral lesions or sores
  • Assessment and diagnosis of urgent dental concerns
  • Provide dental education and information
  • Treatment consultation and referrals
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Fees and Costs

$75 non-refundable prepayment

If determined during the teledentistry appointment that the patient has an emergency and should be seen in the Urgent Care Clinic, there will be additional fees for the Urgent Care exam, radiographs and then subsequent treatment. 

Teledentistry is our innovative, integrated and convenient care option for patients who are unable to make it to one of our clinic locations. 

  • The teledentistry consultation fee is $75 and is non refundable. Prepayment can be made by credit card or check over the phone.
  • It is necessary for a patient to have online access and the proper technology, including a computer web camera or a video feature on a cell phone, to participate in video calls with providers. 
  • Patients must have an active email address.
  • Patients will speak directly with a teledentistry patient representative.
  • Patients must access their digital charts to locate and sign proper consents.
  • The telendentistry appointment will then be scheduled within 24 hours or the next business day if the request is on a Friday.
  • Recommendations during the virtual visit could include referral for in-office treatment.
  • Patient is responsible for all fees associated with further treatment. 
  • Claims will be submitted to the patient's insurance. The insurer may or may not cover teledentistry charges.

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