After hours and weekends

Types of care

The types of care a patient needs through WVU Dental could be urgent, emergency or planned, routine treatment. 

- An urgent need during business hours on weekdays can be presented at our Urgent Care Clinic.
An urgent need could include management of pain and swelling, management of broken fillings or dentures and management of fractured or chipped teeth. 

Emergency - An emergency, after hours or on the weekends, can be presented to WVU Medicine emergency department. Emergency needs are more specific and require immediate attention. Emergencies could include facial trauma including broken bones or lacerations, facial cellulitis or infection and avulsed teeth. 

Routine - Routine care is offered through scheduled appointments and are are for complete treatment plans. 


The Urgent Care clinic is open weekdays during regular business hours for patients experiencing pain or discomfort requiring immediate attention. It is a first come, first served clinic. But, much like an emergency room visit, a patient with more emergent needs may be seen before you. 

Weekend/After hours

Patients with emergent needs on the weekends or after hours should visit the WVU Medicine emergency room. An on-call WVU Dental resident will be consulted by the hospital regarding treatment. It is recommended that visits to the emergency department be limited to situations where care cannot be delayed until services could be provided at the dental school urgent care clinic. Examples of emergencies could include facial trauma including broken bones or lacerations and facial cellulitis or infection. 

If the hospital and on-call dentist determine needs are not emergent, patients may be advised to visit Urgent Care on the next regular business day.