Fees, Insurance and Financing

Treatment fees 

Cost estimates are provided at a patient's first consultation.

Your teeth and the shape of your mouth is as distinct to you as your fingerprints. The structure of your oral cavity is your identifier and unlike any other patient's mouth. Because of that uniqueness, it is vital to be seen by a provider prior to receiving fee estimations for your treatment plan. 

In some cases, our providers are able to develop multiple treatment plans giving you an option to choose care based on both our providers' recommendations and your budget. For example, a patient may prefer saving a tooth with a root canal rather than having an extraction or dental implant. The estimate for the cost of each of those treatment plans would not be the same. 

Treatment fees can also vary depending on which type of provider administers your care.

Actual treatment costs are based on the fee in place when the procedure is started. 

If physician or hospital services are necessary for your care, you will receive separate bills for the hospital services and the professional services by physicians.

Laboratory service fees 

Laboratory service fees vary depending on which provider administers treatment.

  • Student: The fee for the treatment must be pre-paid in full before the lab work can be started.
  • Resident or faculty: A 50% down payment of the fee is required before lab work begins. 

Outstanding balances

Patients with outstanding account balances will not receive elective or urgent services until full payment is made. Exceptions may occur where unusual situations exist. Unpaid balances are subject to transfer to a collection agency after 90 days from the date of service. 


  • Cash
  • Check
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Dental Insurance

Payment of insurance benefits is subject to the terms of your insurance contract at the time of service. We will file your dental insurance claims as an out-of-network provider. You will be responsible for the difference between our fee and what your insurance pays. 

Insurance benefits will be estimated based on common insurance practices. A prior authorization does not guarantee payment or verify eligibility.

We will allow your insurance carrier a period of 30 days to process claims. Unless we have a contract with your insurance company, we do not accept insurance payments as payments in full. After 30 days, we will transfer any outstanding balances to the patient's responsibility. Balances that are transferred to patient responsibility must be paid in full before you are appointed for future elective services. 

United Concordia Dental Insurance

All providers, student, resident and faculty dentists, accept United Concordia dental insurance.


For patients without insurance, these are the payment options.

  • Elective care patients are expected to pay in full at the time of service.
  • Urgent care patients must pay a $75 deposit during the registration process.
  • Emergency care patients may be billed for the services provided.


Interest-free financing is available to qualified applicants through external institutions. The amount financed must exceed $250. There is no initial payment required.  Other fixed interest financing plans are also available.