Treatment fees 

Cost estimates are provided at a patient's first consultation. Treatment fees vary depending on which provider administers your care. Actual treatment costs are based on the fee in place when the procedure is started. 

If physician or hospital services are necessary for your care you will receive separate bills for the hospital services and the professional services by physicians.

Laboratory service fees 

Laboratory service fees vary depending on which provider administers treatment.

  • Student: The fee for the treatment must be pre-paid in full before the lab work can be started.
  • Resident or faculty: A 50% down payment of the fee is required before lab work begins. 

Outstanding balances

Patients with outstanding account balances will not receive elective or urgent services until full payment is made. Exceptions may occur where unusual situations exist. Unpaid balances are subject to transfer to a collection agency after 90 days from the date of service. 


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